Manual for Tiko

Tiko is an app that allows you to control the content and durability of frozen food items.


You store an article in the inventory via the menu with the first menu item "Store article" To do this, enter a name in the first field under which the article is listed. This designation is important because every additional item that you store under the same designation will managed as a separate article. This is useful if, for example, you replenish your inventory and the same item with a different one Have to record the best-before date. Both articles are then listed separately in Tiko. The following fields can then be entered for an article:


The icon has various functions in Tiko. The most important thing is color. Like a traffic light, it shows durability of the food. Green for okay , yellow for should be consumed quickly , red for should be consumed . Furthermore, the edge of the circle indicates whether only one article or several are stored. And there are graphics for the type of the item drawn inside the circle.


An article is outsourced by marking an article and then the knife and fork symbol in the menu bar presses. An article with a number is reduced by one. If several articles are stored under one designation, then the oldest article is swapped out. So you should somehow label it for items that are in the freezer several times. So you can e. g. for the same article use different colors for the clips and write it in the note field.


In the menu, you can set up various compartments, locations, etc. for your circumstances via the entry Storages. In the simplest case you choose e. g. Compartment 1, Compartment 2, Compartment 3 or basement, kitchen. When shipping Tiko there is just one place called default. You can also rename it and adapt Tiko to your needs. You can then switch the storage locations in the app by swiping left or right on the screen. Tiko shows your current location at the bottom of the screen. When you store a new item, the field is always set to the storage location in which you are located. However, you can also choose a different location when storing. When you want to move an item, edit it and select a different storage location.